Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fake iPhone 5 Launched in China!

The Apple iPhone fans all over the world are frustrated over the postponement in the release of the most awaited iPhone5 yet which is earlier slated to release in the first week of this month. This disappointment of the iPhone fans raised a great opportunity for the fake iPhone5 sellers in China as the latest iPhone from Apple is being sold in the stores of China at a price of around $35. The fake mobiles are also available for sale in China’s famous online shopping site Taobo. The phones are coming with Apple’s logo but no manufacturing details or serial numbers are present on the pack of the mobile as the fake mobiles do. Already people doing these illegal acts are being caught and some action is being taken on those people by concerned authorities in China. Hope that the Apple iPhone5 will get released in time without further disappointing the fans of the smartphone and will not give these fake manufacturers to cash the opportunity of doing these kind of illegal activities in the name of popular products.

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